Motor City Breakdown


Fire & Rescue

Fleeing the scene of the Nain's burning safehouse, our heroes return to Mr Fixit and give him his cut of the takings from their scrapping. They mention their encounter with the Nain, whom Mr Fixit reveals was Calliope's Keeper. They debate whether to tell her or not, then ask what he meant by that comment earlier about them being Calliope's "new pets". He corrects himself, saying that he should have said "pet project," andconfides that Calliope is a crusader for change (some even call her a “social justice warrior”), and that the players are not the first group of people she’s tried to take under her wing and use to enact her vision for the freehold. She’s always going on about how they need to trust each other if they’re going to survive the “Great Fire” she keeps babbling on about, which she always says is “just around the corner”. Most changelings in Detroit ignore her like they’d ignore any idealist.

Rattling off a few names right off the top of his head, the players learn that they constitute Calliope's thirteenth attempt at mentoring one or more newly-escaped changelings. All of her other proteges have abandoned her crusade at some point, finding it hard to cling to her idealism in a city as fucked-up as Detroit.  They resolve to ask her about this later, though they're still not sure they should tell her that her Keeper's back in town. After cashing in their scrap metal, they go on a spending spree. Olga buys a Kevlar vest and gets a job as a bouncer at a strip club; Archibald also gets a job as a bartender in the same establishment, and Nemo gets a job waiting tables at a hipster restaurant downtown (he uses his earnings to buy a new suit for a small Social bonus). 

Calliope calls to tell them she's got a lead on an apartment for them: there's a fae landlord who rents rooms in a tenement house for Glamour and Tokens instead of money, which sounds like a good idea to our heroes. They pile into Calliope's van, and while driving to the place, mention that her Keeper is in town, and they met him and fought him. Calliope freaks out and has a mini panic attack, but they calm her down eventually.

When they arrive at they tenement, they discover that the building is on fire, and they almost run over a couple of teenagers running from the scene. Deciding to focus on saving lives instead of tracking them down, our heroes charge into the burning building and manage to get every single person out before the structure starts collapsing. They're all alive, but now they're dealing with a large population of newly homeless changelings and ensorcelled mortals, who have no money, no posessions, and nowhere to spend the night. 

But, as Calliope helpfully points out, everyone owes them their lives, and they've now got enough people that they could swear the oaths necessary to found new Courts and a new Freehold!



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