Calliope Washington

Reform-minded idealist


Background: Calliope is a relatively new member of the Bishopric of Blackbirds, though she’s been trying to raise up a movement for hope and change in Detroit for almost seven years. In fact, she’s had at least twelve different acolytes over the years, but all of them left the movement at some point, whether due to death, recapture by the Gentry, or mundane disillusionment. She’s still trying to prove to the freehold (such as it is), and even to herself, that hope is not impossible, that things really can get better for Detroit, and that that hope is something worth fighting for.

Appearance: Mortals perceive Calliope as a petite African-American woman in her late teens or early twenties. She has a slender, slightly androgynous figure and a passionate demeanor. Her eyes can flash with anger or glow with genuine warmth. Her long feathery hair (it’s natural, not a weave) is black as midnight and very shiny; in her fae mien it has a slight rainbow sheen, like the feathers of a crow or raven. Her aquiline nose suggests Middle Eastern or Indian heritage, possibly even Native American. Behind the Mask, Calliope’s skin shines like burnished bronze, and radiates heat. Brilliant feathers of gold, red, orange, even green and violet cover her entire body and fanning out beneath her forearms.

Mannerisms: Sarcastic, a little mischievous, and very clever; sometimes a little too clever for her own good. She’s one of those people who can always think of the perfect comeback, and can’t always stop herself from saying it out loud. She’s often afraid—of her past, of the future—but she turns her fear into a motivator instead of allowing it to paralyze her. Frequently angry (and with good cause), but doesn’t allow it to blind her. She’s sad, but doesn’t wallow in self-pity. She hopes for better things, but doesn’t let optimism cloud her judgement. There’s no denying she’s an exceptional young woman. The question is: in a city that feeds on seems to feed on hope, is being exceptional enough to keep her from getting eaten alive?


Calliope Washington

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