Mischievous tinkerers and saboteurs


Background: Gremlins are nasty little beasties who delight spreading chaos, usually through acts of theft, vandalism, and sabotage. They make no distinction between slapstick comedy and grievous bodily harm; to them, anything that causes inconvenience for humans (up to and including serious injury) is comedy gold. Oddly, they make no distinction between organic and inorganic matter when it comes to collecting “spare parts”: their workshops are just as likely to contain buckets of pigeon bones and complete human spinal columns as they are rolls of duct tape or cans of WD-40. The ramshackle machines which they cobble together often include organic components (even living tissues), much to the disgust and horror of human onlookers.

Appearance: Diminutive even by Hob standards, gremlins stand barely three feet tall, with needlelike teeth, orange eyes with vertical slits, three-fingered hands, and oversize batlike ears. They typically smell of car exhaust, gasoline, and engine oil, with an undertone of body-odor.

Mannerisms: Small, quick motions; general restlessness; short attention span; difficulty focusing for very long on anything that isn’t related to machines or repairs; prone to impulsiveness.



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