Le Nain Rouge

Embodiment of urban decay


Background: It’s not clear whether the Nain Rouge living in Detroit today is the same one who attacked Antoine Cadillac shortly before Fort Pontchartrain du Détroit burned down in 1701, but he certainly claims to be one and the same. Not much else is known about the Nain, though freehold lore holds that he is almost certainly an exiled True Fae.

Appearance: Behind the Mask, the Nain has bright red skin like that of a poisonous amphibian. Small pointed horns rise up from his forehead, above eyes like glittering black beetles and a wide, fleshy mouth full of many needle-sharp teeth, which he occasionally licks with his unnaturally long tongue. His distended belly and short, stunted limbs accentuate his toad-like appearance.

Mannerisms: The Nain speaks with a very nasal French accent (characters who understand French will notice it’s specifically a Québécois accent). Often punctuates his sentences by taking long drags on his cigars, and can’t resist blowing smoke in the face of anyone who gets close enough, especially when he feels the conversation has become ennuyeux.

Personality-wise, the Nain is prone to violent and often contradictory mood-swings: one moment he’ll be weeping into his beer about how Detroiters never appreciated him, how they rejected and hated him just because he was short and ugly and never appreciated all the good stuff he did for them… the next moment he’ll be throwing things and overturning tables and swearing in French about how much he despises this stupid, ugly shithole and everyone in it.


Le Nain Rouge

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