Motor City Breakdown

Chapter 2

Room and Board

As the sun rises on a hot and muggy Detroit, Calliope offers to drive the protagonists to a temporary safe-house (of sorts). She has a connection with the abbot of the Capuchin Soup Kitchen, whom she has ensorcelled, and who offers slightly greater aid to changelings in need of help. When they arrive, Father Esteban (a.k.a. "the Padre") offers to let them stay for up to a week, as long as they Pledge to A) not harvest Glamour from his priests or his parishioners, and B) refrain from all forms of violence on his premises. The protagonists agree to his terms, and Calliope goes off to her job at a mechanic's garage.

After licking their wounds and cleaning themselves up, the protagonists decide to split up and take care of some business. Nemo, the blooming youth, decides to get some clothes from the nearest thrift shop, but lacking money, he tries to steal them instead, and is accosted by a security guard. He flees the scene with the clothes in hand, and changes into them en route to the soup kitchen. 

Meanwhile, Olga the Ogress decides to take a walk and familiarize herself with the area. While walking she encounters a pair of belligerent Summer courtiers who demand to know where her allegiances lie. She refuses to cooperate, and tries to take their gun, which prompts them to shoot her in the stomach and then flee the scene in their car. The wound turns out to be only a glancing blow, but when they tell Calliope about it, she wonders aloud what Summer courtiers were doing in what is nominally the Winter Court's turf.



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