Bert & Ernie

Inexplicably-British Privateers


Little is known about the fearsome privateers known as Bert and Ernie, except that they seem to have a deep personal bond which unites them, and that they have sold a large number of Detroit changelings back to the Gentry.

Bert, a Darkling with bestial features, is tall and wiry-strong, with greasy black feathers and and a huge, beak-like nose. His gimlet eyes are dark and clever, and they rarely blink.

Ernie, an Ogre with a prodigious appetite, is short and squat, wide enough for two, with a piglike snout and a mouthful of broken yellow snaggleteeth. His fists are like hams, his biceps like sides of roast beef, and his gut like a tub of lard.

It’s not clear whether their obnoxious Mockney accents are an affectation, a paper-thin disguise, or some sort of curse.


Bert & Ernie

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