Vladimir Petrov

Gruff tough-guy


During his troubled teenage years, Vladimir Petrov started rolling with the bandityas of the Russian mafia, where he found an outlet for his prodigious size and strength (and picked up several useful skills along the way). Until the day he offended a powerful kingpin in St Petersburg, and had to flee the country. Some friends advised him to hide where no one in the Bratva would think to follow: he chose to go to ground in Detroit, Michigan — possibly because the cold winters and rusting infrastructure reminded him of home.

After his harrowing durance in Arcadia (he still hasn’t told his motley the details, asides from saying that he “saw some seriously fucked-up shit”), Vladimir discovered that in many ways, he now had more in common with animals than humans, and still isn’t sure if that bothers him. Lacking friends or family in Detroit, his motley are currently his only connection to human “civilization” with all its rules and customs.


Vladimir Petrov

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