Motor City Breakdown

Chapter 6

Following their removal of the Nain's personal Trod which opened into the basement of the Seward Hotel, our heroes moved the Blackburnite refugees into the abandoned hotel, at least as a form of temporary (if not ideal) shelter; while this was going on, Olga set up a "side-hustle" (i.e., a meth lab) in one of the hotel's outbuildings, and Nemo told Drillbit and the rest of the gremlins that the ultimate plan is to turn this place back into a 5-star hotel, which will give them all the money and glamour they'll need.

While Calliope helped the refugees settle in, the motley decided to split up for a few important errands: Vladimir and Archibald took the meat-engine for Mr Fixit to take a look at, while Olga and Nemo went to the Goblin Market for some much-needed supplies.

After overcoming his initial horror and distaste for the engine, Mr Fixit came back with Vlad and Archie to the Seward, and discovered that it has the capability to improve the handling and top-speed of any car or truck it's installed in, but it won't run on regular unleaded; it can only be powered by Glamour tinged with selfishness.

Lacking passports, Olga and Nemo had to cross a bridge over the [Burning River]] in the Hedge, which turned out the be guarded by a monstrous troll. Clarence (as the troll was called) developed a slight crush on Olga after she started twerking seductively, and accepted her bag of meth as payment. Once they arrived at Marsh-Catch, Olga purchased a gallowsfruit and a thumbtack that can be driven into metal as easily as cork, while Nemo bought some Goblin Fruit seeds (near-identical nightcap and buglewort,l see Changeling: The Lost pg 224) and a pet Hobgoblin (a sabertooth moose-lion cub which may or may not wind up in his cookpot). 

Almost as soon as they arrived back at the Seward Hotel, an angry roaring-rumble began to fill the air. Within seconds the [[Nain Rouge]] appeared around a corner, driving a customized hot-rod made of partially organic components (similar to the engine that Mr Fixit had just examined.  Accompanying the Nain on customized demonic choppers were the notorious Privateers [[Bert & Ernie]], both with nasty-looking grins on their faces. Screeching to a halt in front of the hotel (leaving a trail of bubbling black tar from his tires), the Nain, apoplectic with rage, demanded to know how the motley had turned his gremlin-servants against him and what they had done with the engine they were building for him.

Despite the Nain's furious questioning, the presence of twin cans of gasoline in Bert and Ernie's fists suggests that he may not have come to parley after all…



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